During these difficult times, I constantly remember those cosy evenings in small restaurants or sunny brunches in a terrace somewhere in the middle of Vilnius old town. 🤗 One of those homey restaurants is, of course, @cozyvilnius 💯. Serving great foods since 2004 and working till late hours (2 or 3 AM) is definitely, one of the spots I’d love to visit again, once the quarantine is over. But in the meantime, ordering via @wolt.lietuva from them, means supporting Cozy family and that’s what we choose to do! ❣️ #supportlocalrestaurants

We tried their grilled sandwiches with home made bread with chicken, peanut butter, mozzarella and caramelised onions, served with fried potatoes and garlic mayo sauce:

Was one of my favourite sandwiches tasted in Vilnius.🔝 Also, in these pictures you can see broccoli-radicchio salad:

Grilled camembert cheese:

And a takeaway from @wolt.lietuva – glazed pork ribs:

Another great thing – they serve breakfast menu all day long! 🍳🥓🥞 This and their classical Cesar salad is what I’m returning for next time. 😄👌

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