We are organising a giveaway in our Instagram account. Go check it here! The conditions are easy, however the brunch is amazing, thus this is a great opportunity for you.

We can assure this, because we’ve tried this brunch ourselves at the beginning of this week. We tasted eggs Benedict with ham, avocado toast 🥑, curd pancakes and curd crepes with caramelised oranges. Reaaaaaallyyy great late breakfast.

Bennies were served with this soft brioche bread and avocado, Hollandaise was of a perfect consistency 🍳.

Avocado toast served on a sourdough, with cherry tomatoes and roasted pumpkin seeds – such a great taste in this simplicity.

Curd pancakes resembled to me to curd doughnuts, but these were not as greasy, a little bit crunchy outside and very fluffy inside, served with Greek yogurt, strawberry-rhubarb jam and forest berries 🫐.

And then the crepes were a bomb of sweetness. I just love orange as a product in dishes and it was plenty of such syrup in these crepes, decorated along with strawberries 🍓 and blueberries.

Also, it is important to mention that their coffee seemed to us as one of the best in Vilnius. Her Excellency is a specialised coffee place ☕, created by a long-lived @verocafe , so these people know, what they are doing.

You can also try coffee, filtered it various, interesting ways and their breakfast menu is served all day long!

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