We have an authentic, Spanish 🇪🇸 restaurant here in Vilnius! Did you know that? For those, who are looking for interesting experiences, original dishes and high-quality products, we can recommend @la_pepa_restoranai 👌.

We have tried their gastronomic event, which was happening for the second time in a row already, on Sunday. During this, you can order Chef’s special, a menu, which was combined specifically for two persons 💞.

We began our easy Sunday lunch with fresh Italian coffee. It’s so satisfying to finally be able to enjoy the sunny weather ☀️, tasty drink and foreign vibes.

After that, we tried their green salad, made of Spanish tomatoes and oily herbs sauce. Very simple, but very tasty at the same time and that’s because sometimes you only need high-quality products 🍅 to produce a delicious dish. Salad were served with their home-made, warm ciabatta bread with olives. I have not been eating fresh bread for a long time and this one was in a great texture – crusty outside and soft inside 🤤.

And then the main dish (seen in the first picture of this article), which was chicken confit with wine and garlic sauce. It was really astonishing! To be honest, I did not expect such great taste (since I am not a fan of stews) and I had some doubts about those chicken bones. Although, the meat was perfectly braised and it easily fell of the bones. The sauce was ending all of the taste very well. Garlic taste did not overshadow everything, it was more about the wine notes.  Was served along with stewed vegetables, straight in a pan, to share for two.

We finished everything with a dessert – smooth orange 🍊 Spanish cake.

Pleasant and authentic Spanish dinner in a sunny La Pepa terrace! 💃

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