Long time no see – saying me to this very delicious pizza slice! 🍕 First time I have tried @pizzaland.lt pizzas, was not even at their local spot, but it was in one of the summer musical festivals in Lithuania. The great taste haunted me, until I tried it again, ordering via @wolt.lietuva. I won’t deny, it seemed like a risky business, because I was afraid that the taste of delivered pizza will not be the same, as the one I tried freshly made. But here I am guys, for your service, to try out these risky things 😄. However, lucky me, this time the risk payed off – we were eating the same gorgeously cheesy and fluffy pizzas! Though on the spot, they had pesto sauce, at home we used our olive oil, which flied me to the heaven of Neapolitan pizzas 😇 🤣 🤣 (this is my tip to you – to enrich pizzas with extra quality olive oil – thank me later 😆). So guys, don’t hesitate about the delivery and try ordering @pizzaland.lt to your home ✌️. And in these pictures you can see the great Mario:

And the classical Margherita (with the largest mountain of cheese I have ever seen 🧀):

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