March is such a prophet of spring to me 🌱. Along with the spring, I tend to look for new experiences, discoveries and untouched flavours. That’s why just recently we’ve tried dishes from Vietnamese restaurant @saigon.vilnius 🇻🇳.

I have to admit, I have never been to Vietnam, so I cannot consider myself an experienced critic of this cuisine. However, I have tried A LOT of food in general 😆. Out of all of these dishes, I can easily distinguish the cuisine of this Asian country. We’ve tried the new and spring-ish menu of their lunch, which is being changed every day. We’ve got creamy champignons soup:

Roasted beef salad with rice noodles:

Wok rice with chicken and vegetables:

And also pork in pineapple sauce with basmati rice 🍲:

Along with that, we’ve tried the popular summer rolls: one variety with pulled duck and strawberries and the other with prawns.

So, getting back to the uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine, I felt that their dishes are much lighter, comparing to the Chinese. They use less oil, more rice and rice noodles, a lot of fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumber, salad) and herbs 🌿. I would definitely assign Vietnamese dishes to the top of healthier cuisines in Asia. Thus, if in spring you’re looking for something lighter, healthier but with lot of fresh flavours, I highly recommending you to choose Saigon Vietnamese cuisine! 😉

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