If you’re looking for the last-minute ideas for your Christmas presents, I have good news for you. 🎄 Esthetical and homey coffee shop @tastemap has these superb gift sets.

They are offering freshly roasted coffee ☕, as well as coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Salvador, Guatemala, Honour, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and even Uganda. Taste Map is creating and fostering inspiring, understandable and accessible coffee culture for everyone 💗: starting from the everyday cup at home, in the office or in their partner’s cafe, to continuously increasing quality in their own cafes. So, besides the coffee itself, you can find the whole coffee making equipment at Taste Map, which will please even the most precise coffee lover.

Don’t forget about the sweets 🧁, along with the coffee! Taste Map is cooking these awesome cake pops, eclairs, tartlets, pastries and even perrrrfectly beautiful cakes!

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