Wanted to share very fresh (just last evening) experience. Yesterday we visited @caitblu.lt. Unfortunately, not so many positive things to say, even though we tried to look into them all the evening 🤷‍♀️.

We booked a table few days ago and specifically asked for a nice place by the window, since we were having an occasion. However, when we came, the staff seemed confused and had not prepared a place for us. Luckily, some guy quickly left and we were seated as we had wished. When we decided to order food, we were told that they will not be able to prepare some of the dishes (well their menu was already very limited with choices).

Although, we chose club sandwich and chicken with couscous, which were ok, but not something that you would not be able to do yourself at home (sauce next to the sandwich was simple mayo and tomato mix).

And then we ordered hookah, which was a total disaster. We were left with one piece of coal, which lasted for about 20mins. No one changed it for us or came to check. Nevertheless, after about 1,5hrs of waiting and repeatedly asking to help us, a professional hookah master came, apologised and fixed us a new one, so thnx to him! 👏

One more unfortunate thing was alcohol, which is not served here after 11PM there. And that was quite odd, because they are working until around 3AM, but you cannot order alcoholic drinks 😒. A big BUT here – at least Aperol Spritz was a blast 💣, veeeery tasty and huuuuge!

So I would come back for cocktails, but all in all, the place is kinda new and need to work on their management (needs more staff for such a number of visitors) and marketing (unclear concept, the name does not match what they serve, menu is scattered, etc.).
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