We finally found healthier and more affordable business lunch in Vilnius centre! Was actually surprised ourselves that there could be such canteens like Confetti, because the word “canteen” brings this instant association with greasy, old-fashion food. Although at Confetti we were amazed by the view and the taste.

First of all, the old-fashioned (80-90s Lithuania) interior, smiling staff and pleasant details (like free water) greets us.

But when the food comes to the table, it’s nothing what you’d expect. No sour cream and greasy food, but contrary – lots of vegetables!

We tried home-made “borscht” soup with fresh herbs and mashed sweet potatoes soup:

Grilled pork steak with tomatoes sauce and nicely baked potatoes (special of the day):

Beef stew with loooots vegetables (marinated and stewed) and pearl barley:

Thick, authentic pancakes with apple and forest berries:

And finally, potato pancakes with minced meat and curd sauce:

Everything was served in such a nicely, colourful, aesthetic manner that you wouldn’t even understand if you’re still in a canteen. The food was not too salty, nor too oily or covered in sour cream sauces. It’s just as if I would be cooking that myself, at home. The products also seemed of quite a good quality to us, even though we found those lunch and breakfast prices to be very low!

As an example, they are freshly baking the bread themselves, with various seeds and without any sugar or preservatives. Speaking about sugar and other additives, you won’t find those here. The staff told me that everything from A to Z is done by themselves, including sauces, marinates etc. So they know how they’re making it and they’re doing it in a natural manner.

Also, when it comes to natural food, Confetti also bakes desserts with no additive sugar, only natural fruits. This puts a huge bonus for them!

Another comfortable thing is that you don’t need to live/work in Vilnius Old town, to try out this good option. It appears that Confetti can bring lunch to your place. And the order is available on their site (on the platform, via email or telephone – whichever suits you best) for one day or the whole week. You’ll find more info on www.confetti.lt  The price for a daily lunch set is 5,99€, and dishes are being changed every day.

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