We found such a gem in Vilnius Old Town – Dream Bar by Stikliai🍸. We visited this place for the first time only last week, so we want to share our experience with you as well.

The bar is located in the same building as the well-known hotel “Stikliai”, so when you enter, you’re being welcomed by this exceptional, deluxe surrounding. Pristine arches, leather furniture, luxurious carpets and curtains, sophisticated ornaments ⚜️, dimmed, sexy light instantly create this exquisite, intriguing mood. In the inside, you’ll find two different spaces, the main and bigger one is for cocktails and dancing:

While the other one is for cigars and hookah:

We clearly understood that Dream Bar is mainly focusing on cocktails, quality and serving. That’s why this was what we tried during our visit.

Was great that the bartender asked each one of us what we like and what we don’t like and then suggested suitable drinks. He actually was straight on point 🥂! By the way, in this bar, you’ll find some different cocktails than the usual ones. That’s because they were developed specifically with the long-standing experience. So, the serving and the quality was at the highest level. A lot of attention was directed to details, decorations, authentic ingredients and even uniqueness of glasses (we were surprised by the style of some glasses, since a lot of drinks are served in vintage dishes). Thus, if you’re looking for high standards, you will not be disappointed and you will find even the world known, very luxury drinks 🍾.

The party is being enlighten also by a DJ, who plays this fashionable, unworn music.

All in all, Dream Bar seems like a place worth of your attention and I have no doubt that we will get back there for more than once! 😏

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