Do you have that secret wish to visit an American diner, exactly the same that are shown in movies? Since we haven’t been to the US just yet, but we are still very happy that “Archie’s burger” made our wish come true by opening a new spot in Šnipiškės. The place looks exactly like in those movies, serving burgers and milkshakes.

Besides the interesting interior, they are also representing a very popular trend – smashed burgers. That was our first choice to try here. Their menu variety is huge, and our stomachs are not made of rubber (unfortunately). Therefore, this time we tried two smashed burgers, which caught our attention instantly –  The Maillard Smash” and “Bacon Jalapeno Smash”.

The first one consists of minced beef, melted cheddar cheese, blue cheese sauce, grilled white onion, red onion jam.

The second one consisted of minced beef, red Leicester cheese, home-made Smash sauce, crispy bacon, red onion jam and fresh jalapeno peppers.

Both burgers were amazing!

Smash burgers stand out from others by its cooking method. When cooking a patty of smash burger, it is being squeezed with a spatula and the meat is distributed in a larger area. Smashing the burger results in a sear on the outside of the meat, which locks in all of the juices and flavour. That is why we thought that grilled meat flavour was more intense with these burgers. The moisture of burgers was also very well balanced. They were not too dry or leaky and sauce were very well matched with the fluffy bun. By the way, at the end we decided to even put “The Maillard Smash” burger into our list of TOP Vilnius burgers.

We are actually familiar with “Archie’s burger” brand for some time already. Probably even from their opening in BIG shopping centre. Even then they seemed to me like a great please because of their pulled pork dishes, BBQ ribs, home-made sauces and, of course, Buffalo wings.

This is my guilty pleasure and I would put Buffalo wings from “Archie’s burger” to my TOP in Vilnius. Definitely a very strong preparation. Such a great combination of spiciness, vinegar and pepper. And no doubts, a thick blue cheese sauce, just as it should be. This was the dish that I ate as the last one before leaving Lithuania for a long time and the first one when I got back. So, I’m not sure what they’re putting there to make it so addictive.

Also, the mentioned BBQ ribs never disappointed us. A proper smoky flavour, soft meat always served with garlic sauce, coleslaw salad and French fries. What else can you wish for?

And speaking about their variations for a regular burger, my current favourite is actually a little bit irregular – Cranberry camembert with crispy chicken, iceberg lettuce, home-made mayo and tomatoes. The superb classical pair of camber cheese and cranberries doesn’t let down here as well.

And we finished our American dinner with a mandatory detail for such a burger-diner, which is a good old milkshake. We chose to try salty caramel and chocolate “Oreo” cookies. Thick, good and sweet.

The only bad thing at “Archie’s burger” is that I want here EVERYTHING. Which is actually, not bad at all, because you will find anything here that fits to any of your mood, as well as to any company. They have a very extensive menu, either for Smash or for regular burgers. And if you’re not a burger fan, you’ll find here great Buffalo wings, BBQ ribs, beef brisket, quesadillas, grilled sausages and etc. There’s no doubt, we coming there soon to try all the rest of the dishes.

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