MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!! ‼️ If you are planning to participate in the dinner in dark @caginorestoranas , I highly suggest you to leave the excitement and obscurity for your own visit and walk away from this post. 😄 BUT, if you are curious, I can tell you just a little bit about it, because we had fun to try it recently ourselves.

I’ve heard about this activity, eating a dinner in total dark 🕯️, a long time ago and was engaged into trying it! Imagine your weakest sense of all the senses being highlighted above all 🌟; eating without even knowing, what is there on your plate; not understanding who or what is by your side and where to find that f*cking fork?! 😂 Yes, that part was very much thrilling for such food lover like me. But at the same time, there were around 20 people in the room, trying to eat blindly, chatting and singing and even dancing in the dark. The whole dinner was more of a theatre play for blind people 🕶️. Live piano 🎹 musician was there and the host as well. So the search for the food on the table (so called dinner) was accompanied with other activities 💃.

All sounds very very well, but the only disappointing thing to me was actually food itself! 😑 Even though the host described it as very sophisticated dishes, it felt to me nothing more than the usual roast during a lunch break. The price for this dinner seems inadequate, since it costs 60 euros for 2 people.

Last tip from me☝️: a room usually feels smaller in dark, than it is in real. But if you still want to keep a surprise for yourself, don’t scroll down this article! 😄


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