Some 10 years ago, sushi 🍣 seemed to be something extravagant, something innovative in Lithuanian food market. But now, what’s new can be there after a decade? 😒 YET, we can still surprise you! 🙃

Lately, we’ve tried @shakesnackplius sushi and we were very pleased about their food quality. We ordered family set via @wolt.lietuva and we received a whole tray of different, colourful sushi. It seemed that with this amount of food we could feed the whole army, but it looked so nice 🌈, that we would only want to keep it all for ourselves.

So, coming to that novelty in sushi market in Vilnius, Shake Snack Plius is offering smoke taste sushi 💨.

To be honest, I’m not very much of fish or seafood lover 🤷‍♀️, although this variation of sushi was remarkable to me. It’s hard to even describe it.  I guess, you would need to try it yourself. All I can say, it’s a whole different level of this famous Japanese food 😋. Will definitely try it again and recommend to my friends! 💯

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