One of the most missed things during the quarantine is brunches. We were participating in these quite often. It seems like a small thing, but now I’m sooooo longing for it 😢. Although, we’re not losing the optimism and inviting the brunch to our home. I mean, for now, we’re choosing the take away option and this time it’s from the beloved @jausmascatering .

We have already shared with you our experience on the New Year’s Eve and how we enjoyed their appetizers for the dinner. And now, on this sunny winter morning, we’ve tried their whole brunch menu: English breakfast 🥓 (with veal sausages, smoked bacon, beans, sunny side up eggs, toast, baked tomatoes and brown mushrooms):

Curd donuts (with bacon crisps and maple syrup):

Roasted buckwheat (with vegetables and egg 🥚, salmon salted in raspberry and avocado:

Curd pancakes 🥞 (with home-made jam and sour cream):

Spanish omelette 🥘 (with potatoes, mushrooms, crispy bacon and paprika salsa):

Even though, we were having brunch at home, we were definitely not disappointed, quite the opposite 👌. The taste was great, because we really felt that the restaurant is using only the high-quality products 🔝. Worth to mention the unexpected and quite surprising solutions for the ordinary dishes, like: curd donuts with bacon and syrup, also the salmon salted in raspberries and looooads of herbs. Our sincere recommendation for your pleasant weekend morning! 💖

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