Healthy kebabs? 🌯 Yes, I’m returning to that topic once again. Even I’m cheating with fast food, but it seems I want to justify myself at least a little bit. 😄 That’s why this time I’m offering another option for healthy kebabs to you – @wraperiasuppakebs .

I have already written about this fast food restaurant, but it might be no surprise that I’ll write again and again, because I simply love them 💕. Why? You might ask. Because: carrots 🥕, corns 🌽, bell pepper, zucchini, cucumbers, feta cheese, jalapeño, Peking salad.

Because vegetables and the amount of it surprises me here. Wrapperia is putting a lot of vegetables in their dishes and they are putting the high-quality vegies.

Also, sauces. They’re making home-made sauces themselves and I have a doubt that you’ll find similar ones anywhere else. ‘Cucumber in Provence’? ‘Olivia in fields’? Have you heard of such in any other kebab place? I haven’t.

My recent favourites at this place are: Jewish pita 🥙 and Ugly jalapeno bombs 🌶️.

There should be a separate post about those bombs. Bacon, tempura, jalapeño stuffed with cheese and everything is just so crunchy!

Can’t continue on this, cause I’m having a drool, while writing this post. 🤤

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