Since the weather these days is probably not like we want it and as most of the time we are still in lockdown, opening your personal terrace might seem like a very good idea 🌴. That’s what we did – ordered our beloved dishes from @talutti to be delivered by @wolt.lietuva and took our ‘party’ to the balcony 😄 🎉.

That day we wanted something salty and sweet at the same time 🤯 . So we chose curly fries with pepperoni:

Mac’n cheese burger:

And two types of pancakes: with cinnamon apple and with cherries 🍒.

Was our first time to try mac and cheese burger! I can only say, it was veeeeery much fulfilling and juicy 🤤. Including the beloved curly fries with their feta sauce, which probably has no competitors in the whole Vilnius.

All in all, @talutti has a lot of food options for good prices and excellent quality 👌. Every time I order from Talutti, I have a problem in choosing one dish, because I want it all! 😄

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