Healthy food topic! What do you know about functional (RAW) food products?? 🤔 It appears that this is a powder made of various berries, veggies, herbs and seeds. These products are innovative and have the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists. It had me at this place. 😄

I got to know about this super food with the help of @urbanfoodlt. They are making the mentioned powder, which is saturated with food nutrients, like fibers, vitamins, etc. Berries 🍓, veggies 🥦, herbs and seeds for this powder is being raised only in ecological Lithuanian farms. And its production process is designed to keep as much nutrition, as possible.

And now about the simplicity of its usability. We’ve tried these functional food products ourselves, so from our experience, we’ve put it in morning cocktails or smoothie bowls 🥣, soups, stews, salads and pasta. Powder gives more colour and flavour to the food, so it can be used instead of ordinary spices. For me, it also looks as a great alternative for vitamin pills, especially in winter time.

Besides the mentioned powder, we found other great stuff at Urbanfood, such as dried berries/fruits 🍐 snacks and corn sticks, which is great for kids.

Also, I was amused by pre-made porridge preparations (buckwheat, oats, 7 grains, barley, peas). A great option for when you’re in a hurry, just pour it over with some hot water and soon you’ll be able to eat it.

Another interesting fact about the keyhole logo. Food products at Urbanfood, marked with this logo, means they have more dietary fibre, less saturated fat, less salt, less sugar. ❌

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