The festive season has already overtaken us 🎄. Buying Christmas gifts, decorating Christmas trees and preparing for Christmas dinner. But don’t forget that these holidays are not about material things, but about the good actions that we do for others 💝. I know it’s very difficult to do something good these days, when we’re on the lockdown. But here are ways to do good without even leaving our house ☝️.

Such platforms, like @foodvivo , offers a home-made food delivery in the whole city of Vilnius. So, imagine that smile of your beloved ones 👪, when they’ll get a cosy and warming dinner, sent by you. Make their life easier, to keep up the hope alive!

🍔 In these pictures, you see a food ordered from @foodvivo .

Chicken burger:

Classical beef burger (in the first picture of this article. And chicken wok:

The unique plates are from @lapeskeramika !🍽️ 🦊

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