Life is good. Grab a wrap. At least that’s what @wraperiasuppakebs 🌯 advices 😄. They also states to be suppa gastronauts with everyday focus on high-quality food: super high-quality meat imported with exceptional rights just for Wraperia; mind blowing sauces produced every day; using 16 vegetables and 4 fresh herbs, which are sliced, chopped and blended for several times a day; potatoes and sweet potatoes are being selected by torturing all of the premium manufacturers in the region. 🥗

OK, so I bought it – I was very much curious to try out these exceptionally nutritious kebabs. Composed an order in @wolt.lietuva and payed attention on comfortable 🤗 wait: no driving to a restaurant, no waiting in lines, just sofa and television series. My order came quickly and it consisted of Berlin rave suppa wrap (chicken, full grain wrap, ‘garlic in theatre ‘sauce and slightly hot – they call it Bieber) and the invincible sweet potatoes with Olivija in gardens (sauce with yogurt, olives, lime and wild mint).

To be honest, my impression was really about the quality. Real and fresh vegetables (not some kind of cabbage), home-made-ish sauce and tasty grilled meat, which does not resemble paper, as in most of the kebab places in Vilnius. Size of the wrap is also something to be mentioned, as for me it seemed impossible to eat it all at once! 😲💕

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