I really missed eating lunch somewhere else, not at home. What about you? Are you ordering food or making lunch yourself? 🤔

Gladly, today we’ve tried lunch order from @7.skoniai . You know what? There were no regrets at all! 🤗 Lunch dishes in 7 Skoniai are made in a great quality. We’ve tasted creamy mushroom soup with focaccia with rosemary baked in an oven:

I could eat mountains of such Italian bread. 😁

Also, we’ve tried Asian salad with chicken: fresh, crunchy and fulfilling. 🥗

Pasta with fried bacon and peas was creamy because of sour cream and hard cheese.

More to that, we loved the Asian chicken stew, which was rich in Eastern flavours: coconut 🥥 and mild hotness.

Curd pudding charmed me, because I could not understand why people are ordering such a sweet dish for lunch. But this one was so fluffy and soft…

And the last, but not least, fried fillet of pork in breadcrumbs with chimichurri sauce and oven baked potatoes together with loads of salads.

I really recommend 💯, because the products were in high-quality, well-combined and they are also serving healthy options. Delivery in Vilnius city is free of charge! 🚗

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