Neapolitan pizzas! 🍕 Is there anyone, who doesn’t like them? 😁 Quite common taster in Lithuanian already knows, what kind of pizza is it and how to distinguish it from others, since there are lot of pizzerias, at least in Vilnius. Although, do you know, who brought this trend to our country?

🐉 @jurgisirdrakonas were the ones to widely spread the message about this divine Italian dish. I personally, didn’t even like thin crust pizzas, because of the previous associations: pizza crust bought at maxima, with dairy sausages and pickles on top, poured over with ketchup 🥴. And only later I understood that thin crust should be ABSOLUTELY different.

Of course, now it’s just hilarious memories. Now, it’s the opposite – thick crust pizzas are the second choice for me, cause I prefer Neapolitan pizzas all the time. The conversion for me was made by the Jurgis ir Drakonas restaurant, that I mentioned at the beginning. Products rich in taste and of a high-quality, true Italian pizza dough, baked in a wood fired oven, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and I’m in heaven 😇.

At this time, obviously, we’re eating their pizzas at home, so it’s very easy for us to just order it from a website . Pretty fast, @ziticitygram courier is delivering the food to our home door and for a little moment, in our mind, we’re travelling to mid Italy. 🇮🇹

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