If you’re planning a festive dinner 🎄, we can 100% recommend you @bellatoscana.lt ! And that’s because we tried their service ourselves. We have tasted involtino snacks (hot smoked ham and cheese; salmon, cheese cream and capers; hot smoked chicken, marinated eggplant and feta; feta, marinated eggplant 🍆, zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes):

And bruschetta (whole grain bread with goat cheese and dried fig; bagetti with pesto, grilled zucchini mozzarella and marinated paprika; Parma ham, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes; feta cheese, marinated eggplant and cherry tomatoes):

And for the dessert 🧁… eclairs from heaven and cakes from the tale. Eclairs are very juicy and the cream inside is not too sweet or too fat:

Whereas the cakes characterise in a unique taste. In the pictures, there are Creme Brûlée (the first picture of this articel) and Mozartas cakes:

You can find their wide menu and order dishes on www.bellatoscana.lt . 💻

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