We just can’t live without pizzas 🍕! For this time, we’ve chosen to taste American and to be more precise, Brooklyn pizzas from @brooklyn_brothers_lt. What’s so special about these pizzas? Their base is thinner, comparing to the Neapolitan pizzas, it’s also crispier and sturdy. Although, the top is still overloaded with good quality ingredients.

I would dare to say that Brooklyn Brothers are the only ones, who are baking New York 🌆 pizzas in Lithuania. So, for such food lover like me, that was an exciting experience 🤩. And this time we tried ‘Meat OMG!’:

‘Frikin Chicken’:


‘Spanish Virgin’:

And ‘Veg Deluxe’:

As I mentioned, most of the pizzas are gifted with plenty of ingredients. But, our favourite one was the ‘Spanish Virgin’ with sour cream, ricotta, chorizo, champignons, mozzarella, garlic and chalapa pepper 🌶️ sauce. Also, I would distinguish ‘Pepperoni’ pizza, which was recommended to me some time ago, by one follower. It was very simple, but exactly due to its simplicity, I just loved it. It looks like the quality weights much more than the quantity. I think that this pizza place knows it and keeps it good. Gonna repeat it! ☝️

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  1. Justas Buivydas

    Jei patiko tokio stiliaus pica, tai tokias Vilniuje daro ir “Jungle pizza” 👌

    1. Super, ačiū už rekomendaciją! Nors jau senokai planuoju ir juos išbandyti 😁.

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