Once again, we’re travelling through food! This time, it’s a trip together with @tikri.vaisiai to an exotic, tropical place 🌴.

Their box is full of goods: big oranges 🍊, red oranges, kiwi 🥝, mango 🥭, cherimoya, avocado 🥑, sweet cherries 🍒, yellow dragon fruit, fresh coconut 🥥, green and Kalamata olives, fresh orange and pomegranate juices, nuts 🌰 and figs in a chocolate.

Apparently, these fresh goods are brought to Lithuania in the middle of winter. And that’s only a little part of their assortment. For your own convenient, you can look it up in @wolt.lietuva or in Tikri Vaisiai website https://www.tikrivaisiai.lt/.

My eyes are spinning 🤩 just looking into all of these fresh fruits and vegetables. A true refreshment after such a dull winter. And it’s a refreshment not only to our eyes, but also to our whole body, which is missing vitamins so much. Just imagine, eating a dragon fruit or a sweet sweet orange/kiwi/cherimoya for breakfast. It’s a true bliss. A life can be very fascinating, when it’s surrounded by such colours! 🌈

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