Do you have enough time to make lunch every day ⌛? Particularly, healthy ones? Do you have enough determination to discover new recipes, not to get bored with the same food? If your answer was ‘no’, that’s just great 😄 👍, because I have what to suggest to you.

We were tasting @cheatdaybistrolt business lunch, for the whole past working week. A definition for ‘cheat day’ usually associates with tasty, but fast and unhealthy food. However, this restaurant wants to prove that you can cheat every day, but eating healthy food! 💪 What else they are saying about themselves: ‘exceptional tastes, unique solutions, original serving, colours and ingredients – that’s our passion and everyday life’ and I can only agree to them after the past week.

The selection of dishes, combination of products, representation (colours), everything looked really spectacular 😍 for all 5 days. The dishes were soooo tasty and each and every day, I was eager to know what’s next will be served by Cheat Day.

Another thing I loved was the variety of choice. As I mentioned, Cheat Day is producing healthier options of food, so you’ll always find delicious salads 🥗 and one vegetarian dish in their business lunch menu.

I only have one question: where these food creators are scooping their fantasy from? Because it’s a lot of work to think about new recipes for every week and every day, which would also be good-looking, healthy and tasty.

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