Just last week I was sharing my experience with you about the cupping process ☕, which we were doing together with @italalacaffe and @coffee_freddie. I also asked, whether you know what is ‘cupping’?

As most of you answered that you are not aware of what it is, I’ll try to explain it in short: cupping is a coffee degustation, during which a coffee is being evaluated by three stages – smelling 👃 freshly grounded coffee, smelling coffee poured with water and tasting it.

During this process, the quality, revealing flavours, aroma, texture and body of a coffee are being observed. I had to prepare technically for the cupping myself, by gathering four identical glasses, kettle, scales, chronometer, two glasses with water and two table spoons 👩🏻‍🔬. Italala also helped me by sending a special cupping spoon and four types of coffee.

During the online lecture, together with @coffee_freddie (Italala Head barista), we tasted coffee from Honduras, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Kenya.

It was fun not only discussing about its characteristics, but also trying it myself, tasting, guessing, testing and picking my own favourite one. And by the way, my fav was Costa Rica, El Diamante, Italala’s champion coffee 🌟. It is being distinguished in cinnamon and caramelised apple flavour 🍎🥧. As far as I saw, Italala is making pretty great educational videos on how to prepare a coffee and also, they blurted about the upcoming public live-lectures. So, I really recommend follow such nice content, even if you’re not a coffee expert. And even better idea – go and visit this coffee shop in Vokiečių street, to feel the aromatic experience yourself!

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