Cute coffee shops (I would even call it boutique-style), serving tasty coffee and delicious, light food or desserts 🥐 – that’s what I really miss during the quarantine!

We visited one of such places just this week and it’s called @coffee.spells . I just love the sound of words, when you translate this name into Lithuanian. There’s also this saying in English ‘cast a spell’ 🪄. So, this coffee shop definitely enchanted me. Since coffee, as well as food seemed to me very appetising. I’ve tried latte coffee, which seems to be not a surprising choice. And this plain latte with soy milk was bloody delicious ☕.  I usually don’t like strong coffee and I tend to put a lot of sugar or syrups, but this one seemed to be a really great choice and I didn’t need any additives.

Moving on to the food, we’ve tried mashed corn 🌽 soup with herbs and bacon. Really fulfilling and warming soup.

We’ve also tasted chicken rolls with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, served with wild rice mix and fresh salad. Simply great and light option for your lunch.

And most importantly, we’ve tried the novelty of Coffee Spells – home-made sandwiches. We’ve tried a sandwich with pulled beef, which also includes brioche bread made by themselves, caramelised onions, fresh salad and ‘relish’ sauce. I just looooved 👌 that sweetness because of caramelised onions and brioche. It appears to be a great idea to combine that sweetness and beef.

I’m already excited on returning to chill by their tables outside and trying their toasts, bowls, desserts and PANCAKES 🥞 (which I am constantly craving for, don’t even ask 😅😅).

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