New sushi 🍣 place in town!

Just this winter, @sushistationvilnius opened already two places in different Vilnius districts – Pilaitė and Liepkalnis street. I think that’s a great location for someone, who’s living in those areas and is sometime tired of going to the city centre ☝️.

We’ve tried P3 set, consisting of 48 sushi pieces, so you can imagine, it’s a huuuuge 🙌 platter. You can see this set in the pictures and it includes: Tempura unagi (fried), Avocado ebi, Tuna blossom, Crazy kani (fried), Philadelphia ir Sake kappa.

The first gone pieces were fried ones, I’m not sure if that’s because we wanted to eat it until it’s still warm, or because it was soooo delicious. 😁

We also liked Avocado ebi, quite a lot of avocado and tasty shrimp inside.

Tuna blossom stood out because of the appearance – pink tuna and beautiful decorations on top. And then Sake kappa and Philadelphia was just a good old classical sushi.

Tasty, quite large sushi and great prices! 👌

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