Just recently @wolt.lietuva organised this great campaign for travelling ✈️ with taste. What was interesting/useful about that? For eaters’ convenience, Wolt distinguished 5 different countries and assigned restaurants in their app to those. Last month we wrote about Japan and Thailand and for this one we chose Italy 🇮🇹 and USA 🇺🇸.

For Italian flavours, we really wanted to try out just recently opened @mammabea_official and their unique pizzas, which stand out from others in Vilnius. They are different because of the oblong shape and those fresh toppings. We tried 🍕 Crudo e Rucola, Diavolo and Burratina.

All were crunchy, but different within each other: Crudo e Rucola – contains a lot of prosciutto crudo, rucola and parmesan cheese:

Diavolo – hotter 🌶️ and more fulfilling, includes chorizo, jalapenos and green leguminous pepper:

Burratina – the one we loved the most, includes tones of burrata cheese and fresh basil:

And then for the trip to the USA, we chose @olearysvilnius .

It’s an American sports bar, so it was a must to try their wings with parmesan and garlic:

Cheddar cheeseburger with fries:

And BBQ ribs:

Loads of sauces, cheese 🧀, fries and BBQ tastes – a true American classics!

Whether there is a distinction of countries in Wolt app, or not, we still recommend to explore new flavours, because learning new things liberates 🤗!

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