When all presents are bought and packed, when home is neat and clean, it’s finally time for Christmas chill! 😌 What can be better than ordering from @wolt.lietuva , turning on ‘Home alone’ and heating a pot of glühwein? Out of this huge list of restaurants in Wolt, we chose to order from @manamirestaurant 🥡.

I also tried Manami in Panorama and in VCUP and I can say that food quality was very high. Though, not all the restaurants pass the test, when ordering to take away, usually when you bring the food back home, it’s not the same, as inside the restaurant 😒. Manami is one of those places, which can serve take away food just as good, as eating in-house!

We ordered a set of sushi (including kappa sake, wakame, gifu tempura maki, bonito maki, kappa avocado maki and yes, those Japanese names don’t say a lot to me as well 😂)

And tori udon wok (with chicken, mushrooms and looots of vegetables).

Also, in the pictures you’ll see sweet and sour chicken:

Bamboo ramen 🍲 (1st picture in this article) and gifu tempura (hot sushi) 🍣:

Recommend 👌💯.

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