Lithuanian Gastronomic Week is being organised for the 9th time already and has some really great gems 💎. 25 restaurants are participating and it continues from 24th till 30th of May. Due to this occasion, we visited @mykolo4 to try out their special menu.

Mykolo 4 restaurant stands out because it was inspired by the cuisine of 19th century Vilnius bourgeoisie and its dishes are made according to the old Vilnius recipes. The chef 👨‍🍳 of Mykolas 4 created a special menu for this Gastronomic week, which reveals the gastronomic traditions of Vilnius pre-war times and consists of:

⚜️Low temperature prepared tomato appetizer served with eggplant cream, goat cheese mousse and panko crumbs:

⚜️Creamy celery soup with caramelised apple:

⚜️Dumplings with smoked venison filling, served with umami sauce and plumps jam:

⚜️Burnt honey ice-cream with walnut cookie and black chocolate:

We just loved this special menu, as we tried their food before (you can find our review, made on 01-29-2021), but this time everything was much more special 🕯️, because of the ability to eat inside. Thus, we could examine their newly renovated, authentic interior.

ALTHOUGH, need to mention that for those, who can’t/don’t want to eat inside, Mykolo 4 has a lovely terrace with a roof.

Getting back to the dinner, we were positively surprised 🥰 by the appetizer and the perfect combination of those tastes, also by the celery soup and that warm, sweet, nostalgic apple flavour. As well as the main course – dumplings with the filling, which I haven’t tried before, the smoked venison, which matched really good with umami and sweetness of plumps. We recommend to take advantage of this occasion and try out the special menu until the end of this week! 🙌

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