Attentive followers and readers may have seen 🧐 our old post about @skonis_restoranas . That time we were visiting this place together with colleagues during lunch break. We really loved this restaurant, because every choosy eater found what to choose from their relatively small business lunch menu 🤗.

So, I was glad to hear that Skonis is expanding. Just recently, they opened one more place and this time it’s in Panorama shopping centre. At the same time, I noticed that their menu grew as well and now they also have breakfast options for all day long (❗). I was really looking forward to try out their new dishes, thus, this time we chose dishes from various types of world cuisines: brunch selection – classical eggs Benedict, Italian Carbonara pasta, German Bratwurst sausages, Caesar salad with chicken and Italian Panna Cotta.

Bennies 🍳 really surprised me due to their price, because my beloved dish costs so little here. Poached eggs, Hollandaise, salads and English muffin – all delivered separately, so you just need put things into places and here you have fresh and not collapsed dish at your home.

Carbonara 🍝 was not sticky or dry, but quite the opposite – soft and wet.

Bratwurst were also cooked nicely, served with fried potatoes, sauerkraut and tomato-curry sauce. A real German classic!

I also really liked Caesar 🥗, which was prepared with real anchovies, not just any anchovy sauce. A good combination of flavours 👌.

And then speaking about Panna Cotta, it was just melting in my mouth. Large portion of dessert was decorated with chocolate crumbs, mint leaves, petals and cherry sweetness 🍒.

Such successful improvements of this restaurant. We highly recommend to try it out, because the ratio of price, quality and quantity is just great in here! 🥳

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