Since so many people are spending vacation at the same country, where they are living, due to the continuing pandemic situation, we chose the same path. Last weekend we spent by the seaside 🌊, in Klaipeda. Unfortunately, food culture disappointed us there 😵. Of course, more time should be spent and more places should be visited to make decent judgement, although one particular place was a true despair.

This place is called @sky21terasa ❌. Even though we were not eating main meals, but other things like service or volume of music made us to run away. The only wonderful thing there is of course the view! 🌇Astonishing! The whole Klaipeda is revealed from the 21st floor and farewelling the sunset there is one memorable thing you’ll remember for a long time. But this whole romance was ruined by such a loud music, that you cannot even hear your own thoughts. Staff was probably the worst thing in this restaurant 🤯🤬. We had to repeat 3 times to a waiter if we want to get anything and then to wait for half an hour or even an hour (actually, we didn’t even get a blanket at all and it was very windy up there, so make sure you’re wearing warm clothes). We ordered a bottle of white wine🍾, but it was just put on our table, unopened, not bottled, no tasting, nothing – suit yourselves and pour your glasses😁👌.

Similar misunderstanding with cheese plate. See yourselves in the pictures, white bread is just thrown on pieces of cheese.

Bad bad bad experience.❌❌

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