Sunday brunch at home? Hell yes! 🤗 I have tried @dailypoison_before and I fell in love with them because of the huge and healthy variety for breakfast selections. So we decided to make a preorder from them via @wolt.lietuva in the evening before, to make sure our morning starts wonderfully 👌. Our choice this time was the popular Barber (ciabatta, scrambled eggs, baked banana, bacon 🥓 and maple syrup) (seen in the 1st picture of this article), Be Mine (hot chia pudding with milk, grill banana 🍌, honey, peanut butter, goji berries, yogurt, cinnamon and coconut 🥥 chips):

Their new dish – home made tacos, called Taco Tuesday (two tacos with scrambled egg 🍳, chives, mushrooms, Hollandaise sauce, bacon, coriander):

And the last, but not least – Teddy (sourdough bread, grilled mushrooms, scrambled eggs, hollandaise sauce and bacon).

YUM! Such a delicious treat for the perfect weekend morning! 😌🤤

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