Summer is definitely for having tones of picnics 🥰! In Vingis, Ozas or Bernardinai park, next to the White bridge or Neris river, in the yard of Verkiai palace. Yes, there are lots of places for a picnic in Vilnius, but what to eat and which restaurant to choose? I personally don’t like greasy and heavy food when it’s hot outside, so I very often choose sushi 🥢!

One of great sushi places in Vilnius is @sushiexpresslt . It’s a fast food Japanese restaurant 🍙, where price meets the quality 🤩. Ingredients are fresh (at least all the times we’ve tried it) and pieces are large 🍣. Sushi Express has quite a number of restaurants located in Vilnius, but we were having such a cosy and calm time on our blanket that we asked @wolt.lietuva to deliver sushi to us. And you know what, it appears Wolt can deliver food to any location, as long as it’s in the city boundaries and even a little bit more. It seems that C. Sugihara sakura park is not a party blocker – they can surely deliver there as well. Sushi tray 🍱 (called ‘Party no. 1’) was a great treat on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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