Not sure how about you, but I personally, can eat breakfast food anytime! 🥓🥞🤗 Maybe that’s why I love @sugamourboutique, because they have a whole breakfast menu and they are serving from it all day.

Visited this place number of times before the quarantine and I am so happy that they are still operating these days, so we can order their food through @wolt.lietuva. We tried shakhuka, various Benedict eggs 🍳, curd pancakes, chia pudding, alcohol-free refreshing cocktails🍹, multiple flavours coffee ☕️ and cakes of course. And you know what, everything was surprisingly tasty, E-VE-RY-THING. I loved it all, from food, to staff and to their interior + exterior (adjusted to every season).

Sugamour is not just another dessert place, but a restaurant, to which, I know I’m going to return more and more. In the meantime, let me get my teeth into those beautifully crusted curd pancakes and thank you @wolt.lietuva for delivering those safely to my home in these times. 🙏🙏🖤

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