Since we’re still staying at home, it means movie nights are ON 📺! Then, how about the snacks? Sure thing that we need those too 😁. That’s how we discovered @vilko_puota 🐺 for these particular evenings.

They have various snack boxes with cheese 🧀 and meat or sandwiches, as well as savoury French pies – quiches. By the way, we have also tried their home-made tiramisu. This is one of my favourite pies, because of its moisture. ‘Vilko puota’ surely knows how to properly make it.

For me, as a food lover, this was an entertaining and convenient experience, as I just love to test different products, but I hate when I need to gather everything myself.

And here, ‘Vilko puota’ puts all the gourmet appetizers into one box, so you only need to choose your movie, lay down on the sofa 🛋️ and prepare for the trip of tastes. 🌍

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