Do you know a lot of Egyptian restaurants in Lithuania? Because we do not know any of such. 😁 That’s why we were so intrigued, when we learned that are making crepes with Egyptian filling.

The place was opened just this Fall and is mainly producing salty crepes (either with meat or vegetarian), sweet crepes and waffles 🧇. Of course, we came and tasted both options 🌝. We chose to try cheesy bites and baked potatoes with cheese:

As well as crepes with chicken fajita (vegetables and this kind of sauce), with minced beef, mushrooms and 3 types of cheese:

From sweet options, we selected crepes with Nutella and banana, fettuccine with Nutella and ice-cream:

Waffle with Nutella and Twix:

And finally waffle with Nutella and strawberries 🍓:

We probably liked those unsweetened, salty crepes most. Those Egyptian flavours were best revealed in a crepe with minced beef. The filling was definitely something different and something we haven’t tried before. We found a lot of vegetables, meat (or mushrooms in a vegetarian option) and that specific sauce. Crepes were juicy, not choky at all and a little bit spicy.

We thought that price and quality ratio is really good, because compared to other restaurants, Crepes n Waffles are charging way less for a dish. Speaking about the sweet options, my most favourite was a waffle with Nutella and strawberries, because of a good balance between sweetness and freshness. But the sweet tooth will definitely love the waffle with Nutella and Twix, because of lots of chocolate 🍫!

The food is prepared and the spot is managed by actual, youthful Egyptians 🇪🇬, who came to Lithuania for studies and stay here to live and to raise the economy of Lithuania. We had a sincere conversation with them and we saw how much effort they put for this place to work. That is why we are wishing you to go and try those Egyptian crepes yourself (and this quite extraordinary duet of cuisines from two different cultures). 🤗

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