A very recently opened restaurant @detroito_seses presents Detroit styled pizzas, which have not been produced by anyone in Lithuania yet 🤩. What are the main features of such pizzas? 🍕 They are being baked in a metal tin since 1950s and their uniqueness is a rectangle form, a very soft and fluffy pizza base, surrounded by crusty cheese.

We also already tried out this pizza. I was so excited, because obviously, as a food reviewer I am very interested in all food news in the Lithuanian market. We also recognised that this pizza 🥰 is very fluffy and rich in cheese, surrounding. When baked in a metal tin, this pizza is being put around with cheese, that’s why it becomes so crusty. 🧀 For me, that soft pizza base even resembled to focaccia.

Although, the large amount of toppings differentiated those two dishes. I can tell you one thing about those toppings: @jurgisirdrakonas and @brooklyn_brothers_lt family knows what they are putting on top. And you know, they are putting products of high-quality and compatible with each other 😄. That’s the same with Detroito Sesės pizzas (they are a new project of this family) – they’re keeping up with flavours and quality.

We tried ourselves Twist:

Liberty Chicken:


And Meatballs pizza:

It’s really hard to choose out the favourite one out of these, because all of them are quite different, with various and rich flavours. However, the one that was eaten the first was Liberty Chicken 🌟 (home-made tomatoes sauce, cheddar, baked chicken filet, bacon, red onion, mozzarella, BBQ sauce, fresh basil, parmesan).

We highly recommend to try it out for everyone, who are missing novelties and really fulfilling food! 🤗

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