If you’re wondering what to visit this weekend, we can tell you – go visit Uzupis! Uzupio republic is a small town located in city Vilnius 😄. I know, I know it might be confusing 🤯, but once you’ll go there (or if you have been there, you already know), you’ll see that the culture, people and architecture is very different from the rest of Vilnius.

So once you’re pacing through Uzupis streets, don’t forget to stop by at newly opened @mcrunchies🙌. We visited it last week and we can tell you for sure, it’s literally the sweetest place in town 🤣. They are serving quite a variety of high-quality waffles, crepes (in the picture above you can see crepe fettuccine, which is crepe pasta – like whaaaat? 😯😄) and pancakes with Belgium chocolate, kinder bueno and Nutella 🤤.

OR, if you’re not mad about the sweets, just take their vegan choice – waffle with no artificial sugar, milk or eggs, but with fresh fruits 👌.

We found here a perfect combination of crunchiness (as in their name ‘Munchies & Crunchies’) and fluffiness of those waffles 😌. They also have offers for munchies savoury options: different sandwiches and authentic hummus.

Oh and forgot to mention, they started brunch options on Sundays, for you to be able to experience the whole Munchies & Crunchies idea 🥰.

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