What’s your relationship with ramens? 🤔 Cause, as far as I know, people usually love them or try and then never repeat 🤷🏻‍♀️. My first date with ramens was only last summer, so of course, I do not consider myself an expert. Although, the ones I tried, were soooo delicious that I have no motivation trying it anywhere else.

I’m speaking about @pamella_bar_vilnius 💕 and particularly, their Tonkotsu shoyu. Broth boiled for 48hrs, home-made noodles, chashu (pork flank), egg marinated in soya mirin, bamboo, black fungus, crispy pork skin. That thick, dense and intense broth, and pork flank with some specific spices (which brought me straight to the East)… yum, that was so tasty and aromatic 🍲.

As we’re having tones of work 💻 at home, there’s no time to make lunch and we were very hungry, so just like that, we ordered from @wolt.lietuva and in less than 30mins, ramen was sitting on our table 🚙. A small advice: they have small and large portions, but don’t be fooled, the small one is actually VERY fulfilling and the large one is just enormous! 😆
We served ramens with the help of @chi_chi_pots bowls. 💓

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