Don’t know how about you, but for me, summer is very much related to the sea 🌊. I love sea and especially the Lithuanian one, as I try to go there at least once in a year. Although, it’s a good thing that the sea is step by step arriving to the capital city. Well, at least that seaside culture is coming along with such restaurants, as @pizza_room_vilniuje which originated from Juodkrantė town.

Just last week, we visited this urban/youthful/free style pizzeria🍕. Although, I wouldn’t call it ‘pizzeria’, as I hate associations with this word. ‘Pizza Room’ spot was opened during the quarantine, in order to feed Vilnius people with these tasty, high-quality pizzas.

As we tried ‘Margarita aka Burrata’:

‘Mėsa ir žolė’:

And ‘Pulled porkas’:

pizzas ourselves, we can confirm that this mission of the restaurant is going the right way. The type of their pizzas, as they say, is something between Italy 🇮🇹 and USA 🇺🇸. Most of the ingredients in ‘Pizza Room’ (such as sauces) are home-made or carefully selected, according to high quality standards. When we tasted the above mentioned pizzas, we could clearly distinguish home-made tomato 🍅 sauce with its sweetness, also that crunchy base, fresh basil, serrano, intense hard cheese, fulfilling pulled-pork and caramelised onions. We adored that the pizzas were not overcrowded with toppings, cause all of them have this rich taste. So, it’s just like that Italian cuisine – priority is for quality, not quantity 🤌.

The place is located in Vilnius Old Town, next to Trakai street and all the guests are welcomed here with national certificate inside or in their cosy terrace outside.⛱️

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