Returning to healthy food topic 🤗! I like these topics, when preparing for the summer 🌞. Although, you could notice that I’m not mad about it, I’m having a balance and still eating pizzas, burgers and ribs. BUT, if I see a healthier option of a dish, I would choose that one 😉. For example, desserts. Do you know any dessert shops/bakeries/coffee shops in Vilnius, which are making healthy desserts? 🤔

I know one for sure and I’m going to introduce it to you as well. It’s totally fresh dessert shop, called @daktarasdesertas 🩺. They opened just this winter, but was already discussed in Delfi and other media channels. They became popular very quickly, probably not only because of their taaaasty and healthy (!) desserts, but also because they are operating by an original concept – everything goes by their name.

The dessert shop looks like a real laboratory 🔬, the staff looks like doctors 👨‍⚕️ and the desserts in jars, of course, looks like pharmaceuticals 💊. I was fascinated by their unique interior, and the design, which reflects the medical theme 🏥. It seems like a lot of efforts was put in this, which is very welcoming.

By the way, huge attention was put not only to the interior, but also to the production of desserts. Recipes were being improved for a long time, in order to get cakes and panna cotta without any sugar and white flour.

We’ve tasted tiramisu with black cocoa:

Curd cheese cake with blueberries:

And raspberry panna cotta:

These do not lose to any regular desserts and Doctor Dessert told me that these desserts don’t go into your weight, so you can eat as much as you want 😁. Miracles! 🤩

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