Catering! 🎉 If you’re planning a family festivity, or just for your own knowledge, we have a recommendation for you. It’s @jausmascatering . 🤗 ‘Jausmas’ is being led by Paulius Janušas, a chef, who gathered his experience in French, Belgian, vegan, Lithuanian and historical Lithuanian cuisines. We felt and tasted those unusual and secular decisions ourselves. On the New Year’s Eve 🎆, we’ve tried a set of appetizers, which we received in cans.

It seemed to me as quite an unexpected 🤔 solution to deliver food like this, but that was not the only positively surprising thing. Food sets were gourmet and made only from the highest quality products 🔝. And those products, seemed to belong to different species, but were professionally joined into a dish.

We’ve tasted: salmon caviar, herbs, cheese cream; duck rillette, berry jam; matured beef tartar, truffles caviar; salted salmon, grinded curd, nuts; duck mousse, pear and saffron chutney; goat cheese cream, caramelised beetroot, blackcurrants gel, beetroot chutney; black chocolate cream, berries, buts; freshly baked bread. A perfect festive dinner 🥰. I can’t wait to have another celebration, to try out their main dishes.

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