I just looooove Lithuanian food makers 🧑‍🍳, who are doing everything naturally, with natural products only. We’ve met one of such food products just quite recently, it’s called @sukciuslt .

Sukčius are making a broth themselves from products, grown only in Lithuanian farms 🚜. They’re making it from vegetables and bones baked in an oven and then they’re boiling it for hours.

What I loved most about it, was the label 🤩. Not only because it’s simply aesthetic, but also, because there’s no additives. No dye, no food enhancer or other curse words ❌.

So, now I’m mad about myself that I haven’t discovered Sukčius earlier and was always using that bright yellow synthetic cube. We’re using Sukčius everywhere, like in a soup (surprise surprise), stew or my beloved risotto. 🥘

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