Have you ever tried healthy kebabs 🌯? That’s right, we now have those as well! I can name even several restaurants in Vilnius, who are serving it. One of these restaurants is @lekebab.lt.

Born in Marijampole, expatiated to Vilnius! This fast food restaurant is sort of serving the old-fashioned kebab, but with less sauce and more vegetables 🍅 🥕 🥬. And by saying “vegetables”, I don’t mean that they’re putting in more cabbage. Not at all. It’s radishes, salad leaves and others that they are putting in. More to that, their menu is much more diverse, that the usual kebab places – they have SŪDUVOS (it’s the name of Marijampole local football team) penalty, El Pablo mexicano, Pita gyros, vegetarian and tuna kebabs, cheese bombs 🧀 and others. Ourselves, we’ve tried Sūduvos penalty:

And El Pablo mexicano:

and from the snacks, we tasted the real cheese bombs! 💣

Such a tasty thing.

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