I have already shared with you for several times about high-quality restaurants-bistros. So, today’s post is once again for those, who likes to eat gourmet food and values quality, or is just simply interested in history 📜!

This time, on our table, we have dishes from family restaurant, called @mykolo4 . It’s a restaurant-bistro, which cherish bourgeois 👑 gastronomy of Vilnius. They’re preparing the dishes only by authentic recipes, found in the old mistresses’ notes or heard from their housekeepers. Well, I’m very intrigue to get in the shoes of the old Vilnius aristocracy and taste what they were eating, at least for a brief time 🤔. For our order, we chose a few already made dishes 🥗: salads with beetroot marinated in grapefruit and goat cheese puree:

Salad with pulled duck:

As well, we ordered ready to eat dishes/preparations: sous-vide stuffed quail, sous-vide corn chicken marinated with chimichuri, sous-vide chicken 🍗 raised antibiotics-free, marinated in honey:

Carrots caramelised in orange, oven-baked mini potatoes with rosemary, oven-baked caramelised beetroot:

And Samogitarian pancakes:

It is easy as that to make an order, as you can go to mykolo4.lt put everything into a cart 🛒 and voila! Salads were fresh and crunchy, really rich in ingredients. Samogitarian pancakes are one of my beloved Lithuanian dish, but I just can’t force myself to cook it at home. But in this case, you can place it in the freezer and take it out and heat it on a pan, whenever you need it. The difference between the ones in a supermarket is huge, because these are made using high-quality products, so the taste is of course much better.

What about the sous-vide and pre-made garnish, it’s a true salvation! Especially, if you have an occasion and if you’re planning a special dinner. You just throw sous-vide meat in an oven and very soon it’s laying on your table. It feels as if you were a master chef. 🧑‍🍳

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