When food creators are doing everything with their own hands, it seems that we want to support them even more! 💞 Just think how rare is this kind of sincerity and attention. And if they’re making delicious and healthy food – that’s even bigger applause. 👏

Exactly like that is @pirmasdaigas .We discovered Pirmas Daigas 🌱 on the internet, because this restaurant is placed not in Vilnius, but in Anykščiai region. Even though, this is not an obstacle for them to share their products with all Lithuania. The restaurant, of course, is making dishes (take out sushi, cakes, one bite snacks), but they are also offering sets edible gifts, made by themselves. Pirmas Daigas is making home-made cookies, traditional Lithuanian cake, called ‘tinginys’ (lazy), caramel candies, bars with seeds and peanut butter 🌰🥜.

So, I wish for people in Anykščiai to step by and try out Pirmas Daigas dishes and for the others – use the opportunity and order gift sets with a delivery! 💌


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