I heard that some of you would like to get tips for @wolt.lietuva orders. So here’s the first cool tip for you: look for Wolt specials and monthly deals in the ‘Discovery’ page or inside the page of your beloved restaurant. Trust me, we found so many good discounts almost every time we order, in this way 🤗🥘🥙🥗.

One real example – @wokbusters_vilnius 🥡. They have around 15 dishes on discount, as ‘Wolt specials’ 😲. Therefore, we took the chance to feel like lords in feast and ordered black cheddar nuggets (my first time to try this very unusual food):

Which come together with Buffalo wings (now costs only 6€ for both):

Chicken bao (costs only 3,8€ now):

And beef wok with mango Teryjiaki sauce:

I love the feeling of the whole table covered with food😄, as well as tasting odd Asian dishes. 💕

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